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What do our services consist of?

 A breakdown of our services / process 


Filming / Editing



Filming and editing is the core of the process. We break it down into three parts - produce, direct, edit. We will work collaboratively with you every step of the way to conceptualize, brainstorm, and perfect your vision and make it work for you! 

Produce: From reviewing your script, developing the shot list, and even helping you choose what props to bring or wardrobe to wear, we are here to assist. 

Direct: Our talented crew will be there on the day of shooting to make sure every creative vision is set and the shoot is hassle-free. 

Edit: Behind the scenes, we will put our film into production and make some magic. We will work to get a realistic deadline, providing drafts for feedback, and fine-tune every scene (including editing the music and sound!). 

3D / CG Animation

3D / CG Animation


For more complex productions, we can offer 3D/CG Animation services for your needs. Using 3D modeling software and motion graphics, our creatives can create a world beyond reality. 

Junior Achivement Screenshot
Motion Graphics


Motion Graphics

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Motion graphics make your video projects exciting and engaging! We can provide logo animation, transitions, and contemporary graphics to produce a smooth and polished finished product for your video project needs.

The addition of motion graphics can add a lot of production value and high quality shine to video pieces.

Graphic Design


Graphic Design

Video production and graphic design go hand-in-hand. We offer a design service where your video products can live. Our team can provide top-notch design solutions when it comes to how your videos will be shown and work with you to create something that is creative, reliable, and fits your needs.

Writing and Scripting


Writing and Scripting

SeattleLives BTS of Point Defiance Zoo S

Need a script look over? Require a bit of assistance when it comes to writing ideas? PNTA's expertise will be a valuable resource when it comes down to putting that pen on paper! We offer consulting services and will collaborate with clients to script the video that fits their vision. 




Storyboarding is an incredibly important part of the video production process. We use the classic sketches of storyboards, but we also are able to made 3D mockups/drafts to show preliminary ideas to our clients. This is able to show clients a high level view of the production so they know exactly what to expect from us! 

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